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12-13 октября, Одесса CACIB+CAC-UA+блок моно

Гость с Юга

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Дорогие друзья и коллеги!

Традиционно, приглашаем всех любителей Ретриверов, на осенние Одесские выставки!

В разгар «бархатного сезона» 12-13 Октября 2013г. в помещении спорт-комплекса «Олимпиец» (проспект Шевченко 33а)

пройдут следующие выставки:

Международная выставка FCI-CACIB «Юг-Осень 2013»

Национальная выставка CAC-UA «Одесские встречи 2013»

И традиционные одесские монопородные выставки:

Лабрадор Ретривер (ранга CAC-UA, судейство по окрасам, САС в каждом классе)

Золотистый Ретривер (ранга CAC-UA, присуждение САС в каждом классе)

Йоркширский терьер (ранга CAC-UA, присуждение САС в каждом классе)

Клубная выставка ВКП Пудель ( ранг КЧК)

Судейская бригада:

Kirsi Luomanen - Финляндия - (Монопородная выставка Лабрадор Ретривер)

Andreas Schemel - Австрия – (3,9 и часть 2-й группы)

Lilian De Ridder-Onghena - Бельгия – (олраундер)

Malgorzata Suprunowicz - Польша –( олраундер)

Tomasz Borkowski - Польша – (олраундер)

Подробности и «Заявочный лист» на сайте организаторов : http://www.ogosksu.od.ua/

Добро пожаловать в осеннюю Одессу!

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С огромным удовольствием вспоминаю прошлогоднюю поездку в Одессу на ваши выставки!!! :thumbup:

Одесса очень красивый город. Трассы от Российской границы до Одессы отличные. Обязательно еще когда нибудь к вам приеду!!! :nyam:

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Odessa in October

First I want to thank you for the committee of the Ukrainian Labrador Club for the invitation. I had a great time and I am so grateful for the people who used their time for entertaining me and showed me so many interesting parts of Odessa which I never would have seen by myself....

It was a specialty show and different from two others held same weekend in the same hall by classes being divided by colour...

My day started with yellows and there were a few which I really liked ... of course my Best Yellow Dog RAINRIVER NORD STREAM and Best Yellow Bitch LAB'SPB RIKKI CHILD OF SUNRISE and also the junior Windup Barberry Crown of Creation a pale yellow - quite ready for his age - good proportions...as well as Bize De La Casa De Cazador - who became my Best Junior of the day - she carried herself so beautifully in the ring when moving.

In blacks I found the male which later became my Best Of Breed SPECIAL AGENT quickly caught my eye - a very handsome male in so many ways... excellent coat, plenty of bone and moved well... his front is his downfall but when have I seen good front - I don’t even remember they are so rare..! My best black bitch was HOLSTEPS’S BOW WOW and also with her I was wondering how great she would look with better front but that truly is the story in Labradors nowadays....

Also the Best Puppy was black Huntriver Deja Vu was well built for his age and had a very good coat. Will be interesting to see how he grows up 

In chocolates the male MALLORN'S COFFEE TIME was quite a clear winner actually and later also got the special price for the Best Ottertail. It is impossible to have the right kind of tail if you don’t have the right kind of coat and he sure had.

The Best Chocolate Bitch HOLSTEP'S KEETLE-DRUM was also a mother of my Best Bitch and I have to congratulate the breeder - she is obviously doing something right - both bitches were of excellent type and very balanced movers with good coats.

I saw plenty of dogs with good bone and coat which is always a positive but there is still plenty to do with the correct structure of the dogs but that is not just the thing for Breeders of Ukraine we all struggle with it! I hope you will be more successful with fronts than we others have been. Short upper arms and straight shoulders are a universal problem... Heads were very mixed – some had clear American influence there with excess skin and very heavy skulls but also some quite narrow heads with not enough muzzle and everything in between. Correct head is a big factor in correct type and I think really essential.

One thing I want you to teach your handler which in general were excellent. You might think that running like maniacs in the ring will make your dog look better – but often it is vice versa. If you have a dog which has a bit short step making it to go fast makes that fault very obvious. Your dog looks like a sewing machine! Every dog has it’s own pace and finding it makes the movement look better!

I was very pleased to see how keen breeders and exhibitors are to learn and how much people wanted to know ...so many came even the next day to ask about their dogs and what I would recommend them to do differently or what kind of thoughts I had about their possibilities as breeding material.

Labrador is a difficult breed. I am not sure why it is so difficult but I have seen so many experienced allrounders struggling to get things right that I have started to believe Labrador is a difficult breed to learn so if you struggle to learn and understand the complexity you surely are not alone. But the more you should not try to find easy ways out but work hard and you will get results.

When you are now continuing on the road you have chosen - and I have to say you have got a very good start - don’t forget to study the breed from every angle... where it comes from and how the big kennels of the past have been and how their dogs changed with time and how it all affected the breed. Some of them still exist and are quite influential... if you have the possibility to travel and see how different - or how similar - Labradors can look in different parts of the world ... please do ..nothing will teach you more!

World is not the same it was when I started more than 40 years ago. So many things have moved forward - for example of health issues we know so much more but of course we have now in the situation that sometimes I feel that we have forgotten the most important thing - the dog itself. It will be pointless if we get a Labrador which is beautiful like statue when standing but can move...or is healthy from top to toe - and doesn’t even have any unwanted genes- if people will stop you on the street and ask what is the breed?

Years ago we all of course wanted to import new dogs from Great Britain but that has changed. There are so many options and for some it is just confusing and for some it opens more doors. There are good Labradors on all the continents and interesting breeders are scattered around the world so it is possible to find new dogs and new views where ever you go. So you have to have a view... you have to have a goal... People often ask where I think the best Labradors are at the moment and somehow people seem to be surprised that I do not have a simple answer.

Nowadays Labrador is much influenced by American bloodlines and though I think we got so many great things from US but you always have to remember that you can’t just pick the best features you will always get something you maybe didn’t bargain for but that of course applies with every new addition to your breeding program not just American! I have been priveledged to judge in USA quite many times and seen how quick the changes have been and I am of course a bit worried. 10-15 years ago I think their dogs over there were at their best and I was almost envious for the endless possibilities US breeders had ...but now..? ‘Bigger is better’ in USA and it really has gone quite far. Labs there are getting much too heavy and much too short legged which combined with a very deep chest gives a very strange picture of a dog which is the breed standard is described as a short coupled working gundog! Every breed has it’s typical proportions and typical way to move and I can’t see Labrador to be a big lump with problems to move properly... American Labrador breeders can have a lot to offer but “internet shopping” for breeding material might take you somewhere you maybe never wanted to go... better go and find out yourself!

Thank you for a very pleasant weekend and I hope to see you all in different Labrador Shows in different parts of the world with your dogs or without dogs just watching and learning...maybe next time in Helsinki in August.

My special thanks to Michael & Valerya Primyak for taking me for a lovely walking tour in Odessa and my interpreter for her help and endless patience

Kirsi Luomanen

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