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21-22.04.2007 in Moscow took place Russian Retriever Club Show "RETRIEVER - SPRING 2007 ". To the show have been registered 455 retrievers (golden retriever, nova scotia retrievers, chesapeake bay retriever, flatcoated retriever, curlycoated retriever, labrador retriever). It was the first Retriever Show in Russia where people could see all six retriever breeds

The judge were mrs. E.Baujes (Russia) and mrs. Tuus Van Adrichem Boogaert Kwint (Netherlands).

Nova Scotia Tollers at "Retriever - Spring 2007"

The judge in labrador and golden retriever juniors was mrs. E.Baujes (Russia)

Mrs.E.Baujes, Comparison for Best Golden Junior: Oliver Silver Rain and Lad Unity Victoriana Sharm

Mrs. Tuus Van Adrichem Boogaert-Kwint had judged all other retrievers.

Photos from Show by Anna Utehina

1. Prizes at Show

2. Chesapeake bay retriever, flatcoated retrievers, curlycoated retrievers

3. Golden retrievers, males

4. Golden retrievers, bitches

5. Labrador retrievers, yellow males

6. Labrador retrievers, yellow bitches

7. Labrador retrievers, choc.colour

8. Labrador retrievers, black colour

9. Cultural program Tuus in Russia


Best Labrador of the Show: VEY TALIE JIL

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