"RETRIEVER - 2023"

Best retriever of the Show -golden retriever GoldenRush English Miss

8-9 April 2023 in Moscow took place Russian Retriever Club Show "RETRIEVER - 2023". To the show have been registered 510 retrievers (golden retriever, nova scotia retrievers, chesapeake bay retrievers, flatcoated retriever, curlycoated retriever, labrador retriever).

The judges were mrs.Irina Alekhina (Russia) and Elena Bychkova (Russia)

PHOTOS FROM THE SHOW (Tatiana Gass, Ekaterina Kustikova and Maria Bezluda)

1. Opening of the show

2. Curlycoated retrievers, chesapeake bay retrievers

3. Nova Scotia Retirevers

4. Flatcoated retrievers

5. Golden retrievers, males

6. Golden retrievers, bitches

7. Golden retrievers, competitions

8. Labrador retrievers: males

9. Labrador retrievers: bitches

10. Labrador retrievers, competitions

11. Interchampion's parade, congratulation of the best breeders, lottery

12. Faces, 1st day- photos by Tatiana Gass

13. Faces, 2nd day - photos by Ekaterina Kustikova and Maria Bezluda

14. Freestyle

15. Retrieving team

16. Prizes

17. Best in Show "Retiever 2023"