22-23 апреля 2006 г. в Москве прошла Специализированная Выставка Российского Ретривет Клуба "РЕТРИВЕР - 2006".

На выставку было зарегистрировано 333 ретривера (голден ретривер, чесапик бэй ретривер, флэткоатед ретривер, керликоатед ретривер, лабрадор ретривер).

Экспертизу осуществлял г-н Rune Fagerstrom (Финляндия) - владелец питомника O'Morion, держит лабрадоров и золотистых ретриверов, английских пойнтеров и норфолк-терьеров.

Имеет лицензию эксперта с 1992 г., судит всю VII и VIII-ую группы FCI, а также ряд пород II-ой группы FCI. Осуществлял экспертизу ретриверов во всех скандинавских странах, Германии, Голландии, Италии, Швейцарии и т.д. В 2006 г. приглашен судить прямошерстных ретриверов на Чемпионате Европы в Финляндии.

Г-н Rune Fagersrtom

В рамках "РЕТРИВЕР - 2006" прошла церемония награждения новых Чемпионов и Интерчемпионов.


1. Чесапик бэй ретривер, Флэткоатед ретриверы, Керликоатед ретриверы

3. Голден ретриверы, кобели

4. Голден ретриверы, суки

5. Лабрадор ретриверы, палевые кобели

6. Лабрадор ретриверы, палевые суки

7. Лабрадор ретриверы, коричневый окрас

8. Лабрадор ретриверы, черный окрас


Генеральный Спонсор Выставки - Официальный дистрибьютивный центр продукции EUKANUBA "СЕРКОС". Благодарим за помощь в подготовке выставки и предоставленные призы: С.Храмова, фирму "HAPPY DOG", Интернет-магазин "Море бытовой техники", ООО "Полиграфжилстрой", Е.Федосееву (п-к "Кантриголд"), О.Языкову.

Лучший Лабрадор Выставки - ЭНС ЛУМЕНС АРНА БРАУН ШУГАР


It was a great experience to have the honour of judging at Your prestigious show, Retriever 2006!
The hospitality was of first class and You really took well care of me and showed your beautiful country with great culture.

I must admit I was gladly surprised over the good quality of your retrievers; you have done a marvellous job and exported nice dogs.

The chessies were of high quality even if there were only two of them. My Bob could win anywhere. Lovely outline and built, with the so important coat.

The curlies were not so high in quality and unfortunately wery much out of coat. But you have to remember this is a small breed anywhere in the world and not the easiest to breed, but you are on a good track.

The flat coated retrievers were few, and varied in shape and were young ones. It is breed that develops very slowly, so let them take their time.

Golden retrievers were many in quantity, in many different shapes and sizes, witch is to expect when you have very wide geenepool from different counties.
Many of the dogs were very tall, even if in breed standard range, witch is a good thing, when in many countries they tend to me smaller and shorter on the legs.
The golden should have that soft expression and skull and muzzle of equal length, must say there were big variations in the heads and you should pay some attention to it.
The bodies and bone were nice, not many flat ribcages witch is a good thing. It is a gundog that should have good heart and lungvolyme.
Also the movement were okay, some narrow behind, but the front movement were better than generally.
Most of the dogs were clean and nicely prepared for the show, but please make more attention to trimming; it was now some halfway done. If you trim the throat, you should do it all the way, and not leave enormous coat downwards.
My bob golden was absolutely in lovely condition and showed very well off, will have a brilliant future.

The highest entry was in Labradors. The yellow ones were the best ones in general aspects. I think the time of the year not the best possible, many of the labs were not in coat at the moment. It is very important to have a good double texture of the lab. I must admit I didn’t see too many good ones. Normally the black ones are the best ones, but the case was not in this show. It is the coat that protects the dog when it works in cold water! Lots of coat is not the same as good coat, the overcoat has to be real harsh combined with undercoat.
The size varied a lot, and some of the blacks were far too tall and out of balance. The yellow ones were generally of good size and had good bone.
I was glad, there were not too many with too strong heads, especially skulls, witch is quite common nowadays.
The chocolates were very mixed, the good ones were absolutely lovely and then the rest ones not so good. The Bis lab was a lovely type bitch with much of attitude and showed off.
I must say I was disappointed with the quality of the black ones; you must use good stud dogs to get this thing corrected and the standard higher.

The temperament were good in your retrievers, witch is an important thing, and a retriever should always be very outgoing.
I would like to thank specially Olga and Pasha for their kindness, they spent so much time of their to show me places in Moscow, such person are goldworth in a club of yours.

Yours Rune Fagerstrom