"RETRIEVER - AUTUMN 2012" - competitions
18 November 2012, Moscow, judge Vidar Grundetjern, Norway

Congratulationd of Best Club Breeder - 2012
Elena Vasilieva, kennel "Jerminal Misty"

Competition of couples:

1. Gisoly Be Happy Do Not Worry and Gisoly Beautiful Life, own. Ustinova E.

2. Lab's SPb Violet Dream and Sweeten Dogma, onw. Shapovalova U.

Competition of kennels:

1. "Inamorato", own. Orlova E.

2. "Gisoly", own. Ustinova E.

3. "Snow Velwind", own. Panteleeva T.

4. "Labry Berry", own. Levkina T.

Competition of Stud Dogs"

1. Stars Meryland Fervent Desire, own. Ustinova E.

2. Snow Velwind Jenevieva Nora, own. Spirina A.

Competition "3 generations"

1. Irma Silver Star - Helen's Miracle Tanais - Helen's Miracle Always the Best, own. Lusina E.