"RETRIEVER - 2016" - competitions
16 April 2016, Moscow, judge Kjell Svensson, Sweden

Competition of couples

1.       Centre of My Life is Doliny Solntsa and Riera Amore Mia is Dolina Solntsa

2.       Dewmist Kinzenze and Slav Trophy Charming Lady Di

3.      Woodrays Sandigo For Mon Solei and Mon Solei Galactika

4.       Golden Rose Bay’s Nordic Magical Mystery and Angelonato Heaven Sent


1.       Riera

2. Ladiolly      

3. Puello Oris      

Stud dogs

1.       Zampanzar Hemingway Daiquiri


1.      Riera Nicol Grand - Riera Certero Salvador - Happiness You Give Me is Doliny Solntsa