"RETRIEVER - SPRING 2016" - competitions
17 April 2016, Moscow, judge Torunn Sorbye, Norway

Competition of kennels

  1. Richbourne Mac Dougal and Konsul Lab Wow-Wee Rose, own. Konorev E.

  2. Competition of couples

  3. Strong Style Harley Davidson and Strong Style Dely Pearl of East, own. Ulgusheva E.
  4. Loresho Night in Choco Satin and Strong Style Elle Keep Winning, own. Ulgusheva E.
  5. Lab'SPb Wish Me Luck Nordnix and Stenways Do Re Me, own. Materikov D.

Competition of kennels

  1. "Nicol Poli", own. Potovina T.
  2. "Kerol Rut", own. Juravleva E.

  3. «Strong Style», own. Ulgusheva E.

  4. Competition of kennels

Competition of Stud dogs

  1. Nicol Poli Don't Try Any Tricks, own. Potovina T.

  2. Helen's Miracle She Always the Best, own. Lucina E.